Exactly, if they want to compete with Nicolay’s shit shop, they need to offer games on Steam at a lower price which I thought they did, but as you’ve pointed out, they apparently don’t, which is a shame. And yeah, I’d be angry as hell if all my games were forced in Norwegian. What they’re doing now is providing an inferior product for the same price as everyone else, and that’s just a bad strategy. It should be cheaper and with an English option. However, if they’re going to offer it for a cheaper price and in english, then they need to make sure that us western-europeans don’t make a cheap grab by importing the eastern european version. Which is why region locking the purchases “may” be a “good idea”, but in this case they fucked it up so badly for those of you who buy the game at full price and are unfortunate to live in a region K2 doesn’t approve of. True, but like I said Steam have a means to provide both, international and local versions local version could be cheaper and locked in one language, but with option to upgrade to international version, for a price of course So why it isn’t done?

I cannont connect to a friend"s game in Borderlands 2

It’s impossible to get past, “Round 2”. For me, it starts out with 4 bad-ass rangers, followed by 6 bad-ass phys-co’s all lobbing grenades at you from every direction. Get past that and the next half of the wave includes 8 standard phys-co’s and 5 midget bad-ass phys-co’s.

Feb 23,  · Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router. your best bet would probably be to roll back to , sadly we do not have copies of EVERY patch and (maybe) someone somewhere hasn’t updated there borderlands 2 since the merging removal patch and they could supply those files.

It was a game that, on many levels, should have failed. Despite everything it had going against it, word of mouth and some addictive game design kept Borderlands afloat, and it became the sleeper hit of Three years later, the sequel comes with high expectations and hopes for more foliage and less desert. New Opportunities To Loot With the vault opening, robot killing, general skewering antics of Borderlands behind them, the original Vault Hunters are now part of the NPC cast that has a very big problem.

A new cast of Vault Hunters gets help from the old—and a few familiar, maladjusted faces—in the quest for justice, mass murder and bigger and better guns. Gearbox took a surprising, stylized approach to the Unreal engine in the original Borderlands, and the result was one of the most unique and distinct looking games of Gone is the monotony of an arid desert, replaced with glacial platforms, rolling green hills, vibrant cities and… the occasional arid desert.

This is a problem that has plagued many games running off the Unreal engine this generation. The audio portion of the presentation is similar to the visual; more of the same but given a slight injection of speedball to give it more punch. With dialog, Gearbox threw in more. The music—at least in part—retains the twangy, Old West vibe of the original, but mixes it in with modern, synth compositions and other melodies for the action sequences, striking a balance between an arid Western and a typical, drug fuelled night at the club.

And no, aside from some awkward attempts by Claptrap, there is no dubstep in the game.

GW2 Heart of Thorns Patch Notes

Okay, fellow gamers, I need some advice! I’ve always been fond of playing games with controllers, as opposed to keyboard and mouse and there’s no way you’re going to convince me otherwise, so leave that out of the equation. I have a pretty decent gaming rig now, although I would be surprised if it can handle maxed graphic-setting without some hiccups.

The latest Borderlands 2 update brings a slew of fixes to the PS3 version that are sure to please gamers. Here is a list of the changes from Gearboxes Support forum. If you have gotten the update let us know if it has been successful or if there are more bugs that Gearbox still needs to address in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Post by: I loved Borderlands, even though it is like pulling teeth to get people who, despite saying they also love Borderlands, to actually play it. Mrbloodworth on February 22, , Samwise on February 22, , It was so pretty I was actually feeling the pull, and then it reminded me how much I hated the gameplay from the first one.

Dodged a bullet there.

Borderlands 2 Achievement Guide

While the trend is getting pretty annoying, this is a great package for those who missed either of the games last generation. Set on the cartoony, Mad Max-inspired planet Pandora, the series sees you playing as mercenaries in search of the ‘Vault’ – a legendary cache said to contain alien technology. Each character comes with their own unique ability and weapon specialisations. The line-up of characters changes in each game, but they generally follow the RPG class archetypes Warrior, Hunter, Rogue etc.

One of the series’ main selling points is its obscene number of guns.

Even though it uses the relatively reliable Steam matchmaking system, myself and many others have experienced seemingly random issues when trying to connect to different people.

I love this commercial fishing simulator, and not just because it has a fish-gutting minigame Fishing: Barents Sea Maybe it’s because after playing the Sea of Thieves beta I just wanted to spend time on a boat again. Maybe it’s because since Zelda N64 I will play any game that lets you go fishing. Maybe it’s my general curiosity about weird sim games.

Or maybe, deep down, I’ve always wanting to play a fish-gutting minigame. Whatever the reason, I’ve spent the morning playing Fishing: Barents Sea , a commercial fishing simulator, and despite plenty of gripes they’ll be listed below I’m sort of in love with it. I begin my game at the lowest rung of the commercial fishing profession. My boat is small and slow, and can only carry a few long fishing lines longlines, they’re called that I can barely afford to bait with shrimp and crab.

Checking the map, I’m shown the most likely areas to catch fish, chug over to them, and drop my buoys and lines in. Then it’s just the small matter of waiting for about twelve or fourteen hours for fish to become hooked, at which point I return to haul them into the boat. Thing is, there’s not a whole lot to do while waiting. I entertain myself by sprinting around my boat, and while I’m somewhat amused by my character’s almost sarcastic jogging animation on the very small ship, it just doesn’t eat up much time.

A History: ’s Word of the Year

Is Destiny 2 good? After 40 hours, here’s what we think By Richard Scott-Jones Subscribe to PCGamesN on YouTube After three years of the original being one of the biggest and most-discussed games on the planet, Destiny 2 has few excuses to make the same mistakes twice. Curious to see what came next, I picked up the console version.

In addition to testing different solutions with Halo: Reach, we’ve tried the same with Borderlands 2. We were unable to join each others games but could join a matchmaking session already in progress together, hosted by some random person.

Print Borderlands 2 has been a commercial success for Gearbox and they plan on keeping the game going with DLC as they did in the first one. The latest Borderlands 2 update brings a slew of fixes to the PS3 version that are sure to please gamers. Here is a list of the changes from Gearboxes Support forum. If you have gotten the update let us know if it has been successful or if there are more bugs that Gearbox still needs to address in Borderlands 2.

Added functionality to detect and restore Badass Rank in the event it was lost. Repeat this process for each character in your character list. Added a confirmation dialog when opening the Golden Chest in Sanctuary. Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause skill points to be reset when loading a character.

Borderlands 2 (PS3) Review

Borderlands 2 Review While refined in almost every way, does Borderlands 2 do enough to differentiate itself from its predecessor? Posted by Tim Reid on September 27, – Sadly the advantages of playing co-op are relatively few and no different from the first game.

Developer Gearbox has continued to show support for its hit shooter sequel Borderlands 2 by releasing new updates and patches for the game, the latest of which will add in a colorblind mode when.

Nothing worked that was suggested, so i did my own thing. I went into my windows firewall and went to the inbound connections and saw there were multiple rules for borderlands 2 and steam. I deleted them all and re launched the game. The firewall asked me fir permission again and i says to allow it and then it worked perfectly. No guarantee it will work for you, but give it a shoot.

Go to inbound connections in your firewall settings and delete the rules for borderlands 2.


I have found a match just once, it took around ten seconds searching for matches, but every other time it takes around one second to “Search” matches and nothing is found. Timezone for schedule and geographical location for lag can also be significant. Gibbed, Cheat Engine, etc. Also, level 72 and not a single match. I want to know if anybody else is facing the same problems or if this is completely normal I doubt it, with more than 10k players online and if there is a fix for this.

My platform is the Xbox

2K Games, Gearbox Software and Valve have confirmed that all PC versions of Borderlands 2 will be powered by Steamworks, which will endow the title with all of the perks Steamworks provides.

Borderlands 2 Pc Matchmaking This guide has been written so that Borderlands 2 PC players can connect to each other. A News about Borderlands 2 and its co-op game features.. If you played the first Borderlands on PC, youll know that it wasnt exactly frustration-free. Native multiplayer matchmaking Push to. Borderlands 2 pc matchmaking. Seeti by satinder sartaj lyrics. Borderlands 2 pc matchmaking Jun 14,

Online Status Check: Borderlands

Full Download Borderlands 2 Crack. Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. I’ll be showing you how to fix your Borderlands 2 if it’s not starting up.

Borderlands 2 is a big game. The PlayStation Vita? Not so big. And yet the sprawling cooperative shooter has arrived intact on the portable platform, delivering long hours of shooting, looting.

February 29, 8: Blockbuster rented a physical disc to you. At the time they rented it to you, the supply of that same disc was constrained at the store and others could not partake the same disc. In the digital world, physical constraints basically don’t exist. A better analogy is a long term lease: Am I concerned about Steam going away or them starting to change the terms of the agreement?

Borderlands 2 IS GETTING A BIG ASS PATCH!!!!!

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